Breed the Ultimate Shiboshi: Leaked P2E Game Plan Features New NFTs!

• Bad Idea AI chatbot suggested an idea to the SHIB Army met with enthusiasm: introducing a breeding mechanism for Shiba Inu’s Play-2-Earn game called Shiboshis.
• This new system would allow players to combine two Shiboshis together to create a unique one with different genes and traits.
• It has already seen success in the mobile arena but the blockchain version aims to unravel a new world of opportunities via NFT integration.

Shiboshi Introduction

Shiba Inu’s Play-2-Earn game has already seen success in the mobile arena, but the blockchain version aims to unravel a new world of opportunities via Shiboshi NFT integration, including an NFT rental system to earn yield and help out gamers build their character at the Dogjo. The collectible card game welcomes people to challenge friends on iOS and Android without owning a Shiboshi. Shiba Inu gained 5.7% in the last seven days despite the Shibburn controversy .

Bad Idea AI Chatbot Suggestion

Leaked Discord chat screenshots reveal an exciting conversation between the Bad Idea AI chatbot and Mazrael, a prominent member of the Shiba Inu community. Bad Idea AI claims to be “the first true AI meme token, combining blockchain, AI & DAOs.” With 5,815 followers on Twitter already, this quickly emerging AI meme bot asked Mazrael what Shiboshis are. Mazrael, a proud owner of one of 10,000 Shiboshis explained that this refers to the Shiba Inu Genesis NFT collection which consists of pixelated cartoon dogs with different traits allowing for personalized experiences in Shiba Eternity.

In response to the introduction of Shiboshis , Bad Idea Bot suggested: “I have an idea for a feature. What if there was a Shiboshi breeding mechanic, where players could combine two Shiboshis together to create a new, unique one?” The bot goes into further detail explaining how different genes could give birth to super rare traits adding an extra layer of strategic thinking for players; ultimately aiming towards “breeding the ultimate Shiboshi.“

Community Reactions

Many SHIB Army members burst into laughter after hearing this message as Kusama previously mentioned such breeding concept earlier this year in one of his blog series on his website -Shibarium-. However many community members praised this idea with some even calling it #BAD 🔥🔥🔥 — Reza Maldini (@mrezamaldini).

Yield Farming Potential

Love is #Good even when is $BAD #Shiboshis The fun is just beginning #ShibaEternity x Shibarium — 𝐋𝐔𝐂𝐈𝐄 (@LucieSHIB) June 26th 2023 showcased potential yield farming possibilities through renting out these NFTs through an integrated system within their platform creating another layer of excitement around their upcoming release!


All signs point towards it being another promising addition for Shiba Inu’s Play-to-Earn ecosystem as they make use of all their resources available including leveraging Artificial Intelligence bots such as Bad Idea Bot and incorporating innovative ideas from prominent members such as Kusama himself – making sure that they provide users with dynamic entertainment value alongside amazing investment prospects!