Animoca Brands Japan and Passion Labs Partner to Accelerate Japanese Companies to Web3

• Animoca Brands‘ strategic subsidiary has invested in Passion Labs, a Taiwan-based company, to help Japanese companies migrate to Web3.
• Both companies will collaborate in helping Japanese companies create Web3 communities and use Passion Labs‘ technology for KOC analysis.
• Kyoya Okazawa and Keegan Huang are excited about the strategic alliance between Animoca Brands Japan and Passion Labs.

Animoca Brands Japan invests in Passion Labs

Animoca Brands’ strategic subsidiary has invested in Passion Labs, a Taiwan-based company that provides analytics to strengthen luxury and automotive brands in Japan and Asia Pacific. The investment will help both companies collaborate in helping Japanese companies move to Web3 and create Web3 communities.

KOC (Key Opinion Consumer) Analysis

Passion Labs has a proven track record of strengthening luxury and automotive brands by providing analytics to empower their respective communities. Following the investment, Animoca Brands Japan and Passion Labs will continue working together to help Japanese companies develop their Web3 strategies using KOC analysis.

Comments from Co-Founders

Kyoya Okazawa, the Co-founder of Animoca Brands Japan commented: „We are thrilled to invest in Passion Labs because we believe that its services will be an integral part of Web3, where community engagement is critical.“ Keegan Huang, the Co-founder and CEO of Passion Labs shared his excitement about the strategic alliance with Animoca Brands as well.

Web3 for Luxury Brands

Last December, Animoca Brands joined Passion Lab’s founder Keegan Huang and Porsche’s marketing director Daniel Feucht on stage at NFT Taipei to discuss what Web

Bullish Momentum: OKB, APT, XLM, and ORBN Ready to Soar!

• OKB (OKB) and Aptos (APT) have seen a price pump since the year began.
• Stellar (XLM) and Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) are also witnessing bullish momentum.
• Both tokens offer users with various benefits such as passive income, transaction and trading fees, voting, governance of OKX, staking rewards, etc.

Overview of OKB (OKB)

OKB (OKB) is the utility token for the well-known OKX exchange. It is used for a wide range of activities on the exchange such as calculating and paying transaction and trading fees, voting and governance of OKX, and compensation for staking on the exchange. The platform also offers holders of OKB tokens passive income just by holding onto their tokens. Additionally, there’s a tool called OKX Profit that can be used to earn income on the platform using OKB tokens.

Overview of Aptos (APT)

Aptos (APT) is referred to as the new era of dApps or decentralized applications due to its speed, scalability, cost-effectiveness over more established chains such as Ethereum (ETH). With a perfect combination of Proof-of-Stake consensus and Move programming language it can handle up to 150K transactions per second making it one of the fastest blockchains in the market today. Furthermore, Aptos is easily upgradable which makes it an ideal choice for developers building dApps on top of it.

Benefits Of Using Tokens

Both tokens offer users with various benefits such as passive income by simply holding onto their tokens, transaction & trading fees discounts when using them for payments within their respective platforms/networks; voting & governance rights allowing holders to influence decisions in their networks; rewards from staking which further increase holders’ passive income earnings; etc.

Bullish Momentum For XLM & ORBN

Stellar(XLM) & Orbeon Protocol(ORBN) are two other coins that have been experiencing a bullish momentum since 2021 began. ORBN is currently in phase 7 of its presale & has so far gained 1675% from its initial presale price while XLM has maintained steady growth since last year’s crypto winter with some analysts predicting even higher gains this year due to its increasing adoption rate in both traditional finance & blockchain technology fields alike.


In conclusion, both OKB (OKB), Aptos (APT), Stellar(XLM), & Orbeon Protocol(ORBN) are good investment options for your 2023 portfolio due to their vast potentials when it comes to usability & profitability prospects they offer investors who use them correctly & responsibly either within or outside their respective platforms/networks

Kraken Pays $30M Fine, Shuts Crypto Staking Service in SEC Settlement

• Kraken agrees to pay $30 million in fines and close its crypto-staking services as part of a settlement with the SEC.
• The crypto community has been outraged by the report, calling out Gary Gensler for his anti-crypto agenda.
• Crypto Mom Commissioner Hester Pierce has blasted the SEC for its „lazy and paternalistic“ approach towards regulating crypto.

Kraken Settles with SEC

Kraken, a U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange, has agreed to pay $30 million in fines and close its crypto-staking services as part of a settlement with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The regulator alleged that Kraken had offered unregistered securities through their staking program since 2019.

Outrage from Crypto Community

The news has sparked outrage in the crypto community, who called out Gary Gensler’s seeming detestation of crypto. Popular investor Adam Cochran criticized Gensler’s anti-crypto agenda while Ryan Sean Adams noted that the SEC could have taken other measures besides charging Kraken.

Crypto Mom Reacts

Commissioner Hester Pierce, often referred to as ‚the Crypto Mom‘, has also reacted angrily to the news. She blasted the SEC for their „lazy and paternalistic“ approach towards regulating cryptocurrencies.

Gensler’s Tweet

Following the announcement of the settlement, Chairman Gary Gensler tweeted: “Whether it’s through staking-as-a-service, lending or other means, crypto intermediaries must provide proper disclosures & safeguards required by our laws.“


The settlement between Kraken and the SEC is an example of how difficult it can be for cryptocurrency exchanges operating in U.S., even if they are meeting regulatory requirements elsewhere. It remains to be seen what steps will be taken by regulatory bodies such as CFTC or FINRA going forward when dealing with cryptocurrency related businesses in future settlements or investigations.